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About Me

Hey! Ben here. I was born in Orlando, Florida, the domain of the Mouse, and I am now located in New York City. I started off like any normal kid my age: competitive swimming, little league, and basketball and surprise, surprise! None of them stuck. What my parents did stick me on was a stage. It only took one laugh in the elementary school play for me to know. this was it. I was born to entertain. My favorite part of any production and set are the people, who become my family. I find keeping morale high is important and a kind word always goes a long way.


You can often find me strumming, banging, or plucking my instruments in my downtime. I love to write poems and lyrics for my musical project and my band Todd. I love to collect vinyls and just overall love music as another passion of mine. It seems to me that I am happiest when I am creating.


Height: 6'0"

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Location: Brooklyn, NYC

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